Dear Researchers/Students

✅ABEx Bio-Research Center is a private non-profit research platform in Bio-Research in Bangladesh. As long as the world is getting older, human society is facing new challenges in their daily life. In order to improve life standard, we are curious and want to explore a molecular and advanced world that manifest around us. The importance of molecular and advanced research on animal, plant, environment, and human is essential. Unfortunately, Bangladesh is a little bit behind advanced research as compared to other countries. We like to train our fellow students with cutting-edge research, skills, and methods. These are the reasons that obliged us to establish “The ABEx Bio-Research Center”.

As a part of our continuous effort to research, currently, we are focusing on review and public data research to publish as review articles or original articles.

If you are interested to get involved in research activities with our Research Groups, Please fill up the form for consideration.

Please make sure that your all information is correct. Selected candidates will be notified through their email in time.

CEO, ABEx Bio-Research Center
East Azampur, Dhaka-1230

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