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Get support or involve to our core facilities:
In order to fulfill our aims, we shall proceed step by step as mentioned below depending on facilities available.
  1. Conducting research and research collaboration related to our Research Groups (Join Us Here)
  2. Conducting training and education for young scientists/ students on cutting-edge techniques on in vivo and in vitro systems
  3. Assisting in (a) writing of scientific report/article/project proposal, (b) grammatical editing and preparation of of high quality figures/graphs.
  4. Providing research support such as analysis facilities of experimental samples or data
Analytical and Designing Tools/Sites:
By using the below mentioned tools or softwares, you will be able to analyse biological data. In case of any help need to understand, please contact us.
  1. Primer/gene sequence designing or checking by Primer-Blast (Tutorial)
  2. Promoter sequences for qRT-PCR from the Promoter Database
  3. Analysis of microarray data using Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
  4. Analysis of gene expression using Nephroseq (kidney), peroxisome database and Susztak Lab tools
  5. Analysis of gene or protein using Expression atlas-EBML and geneontology database
  6. Analysis of microRNA target genes using microRNA.org, TargetScan, miRDB, miRSYSTEM, and miRBase
  7. Protein domain searching using InterPro (Tutorial) and Motif Scan (Tutorial)
  8. How to find ORF in NCBI? (Tutorial) and protein sequence from Database Tutorial
  9. Prediction of translation of a gene sequences using EMBOSS Transeq (Tutorial)
  10. Prediction of secondary structure of protein by SWISS MODEL
  11. Searching for transcription binding sites using UGENE Weight Matrix plugin (Tutorial)
  12. Analysis of molecular docking using AutoDock Vina and molecular visualization using VMD
  13. Multiple sequence alignment tools –  MAFFT and GUIDANCE
  14. Alignment refinement tools –  Gblock
  15. Analysis of Maximum likelihood tree – PhyML
  16. Secondary structure analysis – RNA structureMfold, and SSU-align
  17. Phylogenetic tools – Cipres Science Gateway
  18. Epidemiological database on 130 countries with 300 diseases
  19. Image bank for biological subjects for graphic design
  20. List of biological database of your choice
Additional supports (Send message):
  1. Rare Articles finding and its free of cost.
  2. Plagiarism checking using Turnitin/iThenticate and its free of cost
  3. How to do Referencing using Mendeley Desktop (Tutorial)
  4. How to find drugs that is under clinical trial?
  5. How to submit sequence to Genbank – Submission Wizard


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October 2021