Research Executives

Advanced Biotechnology and Biomedical Research Group

Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Research Group

Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research Group

Plant Physiology and Herbal Medicine Research Group

Environmental and Aquatic Biology Research Group

Microbiology, Food Safety and Public Health Research Group

Research Associates

Research Assistants

  1. Khandkar Shaharina Hossain
  2. Mithila Farjana
  3. Sharnali Das
  4. Sushmita Kundu
  5. Md Naim Uddin
  6. A.G.M.Sofi Uddin Mahamud
  7. Mehedy Hasan Abir
  8. Ishtiak Ahammed Tanvir
  9. Md Shihab Uddin Khan
  10. Artho Baroi
  11. MD. Hasanur Rahman
  12. Md. Sarwar Zahan
  13. Tanjim Ishraq Rahaman
  14. Adeba Hasan
  15. Kamrun Nahar Meem
  16. Kazi Ahsan Ahmed
  17. Mushira Khanam Maria
  18. Shamrat Kumar Paul
  19. Muhammad Ramiz Uddin
  20. Sumaya Akter
  21. Md. Aminul Islam Apu
  22. Tanzina Akter
  23. Golam Mahbub Faisal
  24. Anusree Nath
  25. Md. Nur Uddin Titu
  26. Mohammad Imran Hossan
  27. Partha Biswas
  28. Md. Shahadat Hossain
  29. Nikas Kanti Nath
  30. Fayza Akter
  31. Md. Abul Kalam Azad
  32. Kamrul Hassan Suman
  33. Md. Rony Ibne Masud
  34. Shadia Tasnim
  35. Md. Tahmeed Hossain
  36. Md Al Hasibuzzaman
  37. Rashid Taqui Sakib
  38. Partha Protim Sarker
  39. Md. Moinuddin Sheam
  40. Shifath Bin Syed
  41. Shafi Mahmud
  42. Md. Shaid Bin Islam
  43. Jannatul Ferdous
  44. Md. Shamim Aktar
  45. Mohaimanul Alam
  46. Umma Habiba Rahman
  47. Ayesha Akter
  48. Faria Mehzabin Suchi
  49. Nusrat Amin
  50. Ashik Sharfaraz
1. Nur Uddin Titu
2. Mohammad Imran Hossan
3. Anusree Nath
4. Md Shahadat Hossain
5. Partha Biswas
6. Mithila Farzana
7. Khandkar Shaharina Hossian
8. Jannatul Ferdous
9. Hasanur Rahman
10. Adeba Hasan
11. Piash Sikder
12. Rashmony Khanom
13. Md Shaid Bin Islam
14. Shafi Mahmud
15. Mosharaf Hossain
16. Md Shamim Akter
17. Mostafizur Rahman
18. Sushmita Kundu
19. Md Abul Kalam Azad
20. Fayza Akter
21. Sumi Sarkar
22. Atqiya Fariha
23. Kamrul Hassan Suman
24. A.G.M.Sofi Uddin Mahamud
25. Nikas Kanti Nath
26. Mohaimanul Alam Peash
27. Umma Habiba Rahman
28. Md Sharif Khan
29. Ashik Sharfaraz
30. Ayesha Akter
31. Nusrat Amin
32. Faria Mehjabin Suchi
33. Md Musfikur Rahman Torun
34. Partha Protim Sarker
35. Abu Saim Mohammad Saikat

1. Md. Shamim Aktar
2. Mohammad Imran Hossan
3. Nur uddin Titu
4. Mithila Farjana
5. Md. Shahadat Hossain
6. Partha Biswas
7. Khandkar Shaharina Hossian
8. Kamrul Hassan Suman
9. Rashmony Khanom
10. Md. Shaid Bin islam
11. Shafi Mahmud
12. Mosharaf Hossain
13. Piash Sikder
14. Hasanur Rahman
15. Mostafizur Rahman
16. Fayza Akter
17. Sumi Sarkar
18. Sushmita Kundu
19. Md. Sharif Khan
20. Nikas Kanti Nath
21. Md. Abul Kalam Azad
22. Jannatul Ferdous
23. Ayesha Akter
24. Mohaimanul Alam Peash
25. Umma Habiba Rahman
26. Atqiya Fariha
27. Nusrat Amin
28. Ashik Sharfaraz
29. Faria Mehjabin Suchi

The following terms and conditions will apply throughout your membership:

-As part of our ongoing effort to conduct research, we are concentrating our efforts on bioinformatics, review, and public health-related research in order to publish papers to assist students.

-We are not here to find a job/position for you abroad or anywhere else; rather, we want to assist you in conducting/training research using our resources.

-You are here as a research volunteer, in fact, we all are volunteers (we are not paid, and also we don’t pay).

-You will work with us mainly online (you just need to have a laptop connected to the internet) and you have to utilize/manage your time to work beside your main job.

-While working with us, you must adhere to the guidelines of our Research Executives/Associates.

-Browse our website to broaden your horizons. In the event that additional training is required, our experts will assist you in gaining a better understanding.

-Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any good research ideas or concerns. Our only official ways of communication are,, and mobile: +8801761928396, otherwise, not accepted.

-Consider our assigned task as a career-building opportunity, particularly for those interested in higher education/research abroad, and please maintain an honest demeanor in your regular class/job.

-The center’s authority has the right to take action against anyone who commits an illegal act (e.g., manipulating research data, violating research ethics, etc.).

-You should be responsive to our email or to any query that arises during the course of our work.

-We would like you to be sincere, logical, and scientific!

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