Assortment of human amniotic membrane and curcumin: a potential therapeutic strategy for burn wound healing

Authors: Ayesha Siddika, Md. Arifuzzaman, Liakat Hossain, Md. Hasib Adnan, Farzana Diba, Md. Zahid Hasan, S.M. Asaduzzaman, Md Jamal Uddin


Current Drug Therapy
IF: 0.57

Abstract: Burn wound associated injury management is one of the major unresolved clinical concerns. Most of the drugs and dressing materials available in the market cause dose escalation and even exert side effects. Besides, a severe burn injury is susceptible to microbial infection that leads to the prolonged hospital stay, which ultimately causes a financial crisis to the victims. To get rid of this problem, researchers are being interested in developing such materials that are cost-effective, easily available and accelerate faster healing. Human amniotic membrane (AM) and various herbal extracts like curcumin are a potential source of burn wound healing. AM has various healing properties and is being used as the best burn wound dressing material for centuries. Similarly, curcumin has been proven as a faster dressing material for the treatment of burn injury. Since both AM and curcumin are a potential source of burn and wound healing, if a gel/agent could be formulated by mixing these two things, this combination may be a potential therapeutic strategy to treat burn wound healing.

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